How to brewing beer at home

How to brewing beer at home

  • 2021/10/19

Brewing beer at home is easy. If you can make macaroni and cheese from the box without help, then you can make beer.

4 basic steps:

Note: This is an overview of basic beer making for home brewing craft beer recipes.

Step 1: Preparation

1. Collect your brewing equipment. you need to:

Brewing kettle

Fermentation tank + air lock

Funnel (optional)


Automatic siphon

Mixing spoon

Beer recipe kit (or individual ingredients)

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2. Disinfection, disinfection, disinfection. Your success will depend on the cleanliness of your equipment. Anything that comes into contact with the beer after the boiling process should be sterilized. PBW and Star San are good cleaners and disinfectants.

Step 2: Brew

1. Coarse grains. Fill the 5-gallon brewing pot with 2.5 gallons of water. When heating the water, soak the grains for 20 minutes or until the water temperature reaches 170 degrees. When taking out the grain, let the water drip from the grain bag into the kettle. Do not squeeze your grain bag because you do not want to extract tannins, which may give your beer an undesirable taste.

2. Bring the kettle to a boil-once your kettle is boiled off, remove it from the fire and add the malt extract. After the extract is dissolved, it returns to a boiling state. Hops will now be added at different intervals. (Note: Be careful not to boil when adding hops.) Please refer to your exact recipe for when you need to add hops when boiling.

3. You now have wort-also called syrup. Cool down the wort as soon as possible. This can be done in one of two ways:

Ice bath-just put your pot in a sink filled with ice water.

Use a wort cooler-insert the cooler into your wort. Pass the cold water from the faucet through the chiller and into the sink. Wort coolers are the most effective method, but both can get the results you want.

Step 3: Fermentation

Don't forget to disinfect all supplies! Then...

1. Pour the cooled wort into the fermentation tank. Some brewing kettles even have a valve that can be easily transported from the kettle to the fermentation tank.

2. Add water to bring the water level to 5 gallons.

3. Spray the wort in the container to aerate it. Yeast needs oxygen and spraying wort will help.

4. Add yeast. Dry yeast is the easiest because you don't need to prepare it in advance. Sterilize the yeast bag + scissors, cut off a corner of the yeast bag, and pour the yeast into the fermentation tank.

5. Seal your fermentation tank, add fermentation airlock, and store in a cool place. The malt liquor should be kept at 68 degrees to ferment normally.

Step 4: Bottling

After fermentation is complete, usually within two weeks, it's time to bottle the beer.

1. Clean all items: bottles, filling machines, bottle caps, bottling barrels and any used delivery hoses. Use a bottle brush on the bottle.

2. Boil your bottom sugar in 16 ounces of water. After cooling, add directly to the bottling barrel.

3. Transfer your beer. The beer is sucked out of the fermentation tank and placed in the bottling barrel. Leave as much sediment as possible in the fermentor.

4. Fill the bottle. Connect the filling machine to the hose and connect the hose to the tap of the bottling barrel. Turn on the tap of the bottling barrel and push the filling machine to the bottom of the bottle.

Note: Fill each bottle to the top. When you remove the bottle filler, it will leave a perfect space at the top of the bottle.

5. Close the bottle with a lid and bottle cap.

6. Store the bottle at room temperature for approximately two weeks. This gives your beer time to carbonate.

you did it. You made beer. All that remains to be done is...

1. Refrigerate.

2. Enjoy.

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