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Beer Brewing Machine

home use automatic refined beer brewing machine

home use automatic refined beer brewing machine

with all in one beer brewing machine,you can enjoy craft beer at home in 7 days

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home use automatic refined beer brewing machine

There are plenty of industrial beers and it is not good drinking them too much. The refined beer is natural without any additives that you can enjoy more nutrition, healthy ,alcohol positive flavor.
AI IBO beer brewing machine with Intelligence 3rd will make you possess excellent life and bring good news for refined beer fanciers. Catflo is beer brewing machine factory.

Features :

1. Small Size:
First smart home craft beer brew machine in China.
39*32*43cm, the machine is designed to fit on your countertop, under most kitchen cabinets.

2. Rich Flavor:
Open brewing platform, you can use professional mode to make your own beer.
3. Simple:
Choose a beer recipe, press a key, all brewing processes can be completed.
4. Quick:
From malt &hops to pint the whole process will take approximately 7-10 days.


Hotels, Farms, Home Use, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops,Advertising Company.

Fine wine lovers who are more in pursuit of taste and healthy drinking can also be given as gifts to older friends who like to drink.

The differences between refined beer and industrial beer

Refined beer  

Industrial beer


Water,malt,hops, yeast

water,rice,amilum,malt,hops,yeast,other additives 




A large number of

Fermentation days

Various,two month maximum

7 days

Brewing Mode

Ale, raga,nature

Only raga

Production Capacity







Different flavor for your choice

Only 1 flavor

Shelf time

Without Additives, so the shelf time is about 30 days-100days


1-5 years


Enjoy slowly

Quickly drink

Brewing Steps:

First Step
Pour the pure water into the brewing machine

Second Steps

Put the beer packets into different small boxes

Third Steps
Select the appropriate recipe, a key to complete. There will be an English text editor.

Fourth Steps
Add yeast for rapid fermentation.

APP Convenient Operation 
Free matching of raw materials, thousand people, thousand tastes.

We were better:

Automatic beer brewing machine

Traditional beer brewing machine

Low:One-key operation, fresh and direct

High:Professional knowledge

Simple:Intelligent control automatic

Complex:Tedious manual operation

Rich:Hundreds of styles, many flavors

Less:Dark beer, white beer, yellow beer

Small:Microwave size

Area: 30-40 square meters

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beer brewing machine

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